Friday, January 29, 2010


I was reading a friend's blog last night and was just blown away at the finesse in which the post was written. I have quite a few friends who write very well and I am constantly thinking "Wow" after I read their posts. I also am left thinking "Why can't I write something like that?"
I think I tend to "find" my intelligence in writing and creativity, especially after being around Sexy Husband and his math and science genius friends, so when my writing and creativity fall I start feeling dumb.

I used to write pretty good stuff on here. Here are a few..well more than a few...examples:

Crisp Days

I am the Moon


Happy S.A.D.

Infomercial #1

Infomercial #2

Mystery Hotel

Rudolph the Rednose Subliminal Message


There are a couple other good ones but I figured this list was getting long. My point tonight is though....what happened? Why can't I write those good pieces anymore?

One reason I decided to do this January "challenge" of writing every night was to get the discipline of writing on my blog again. Though not to completely belittle the 28 posts up until now, none have really been a "wow" post or even that entertaining of posts. Just basic blah blah blahs of my everyday not so exciting life.

I have had this blog since '05 and it has had its ups and downs but it has definitely seemed to flatline lately.

I would like to write a piece that makes someone go "Wow that was interesting." I need to bring some life and creativity back into this blog! I need my "intelligence" back.

Now just to figure out how to do that...

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Angie said...

Your post on your mom was wonderful and I think you are selling yourself short. There are lots of times I read your blog and wish I could write like you do.