Thursday, October 27, 2005

Crisp days

Crisp is what this Imp thinks of on her favorite kind of day.

It is that first day when the sun is shining out bright, the sky is that rich blue, not a cloud in sight, the pine trees still proud in their green while other trees are showing signs of changing, the air is a crisp, cold...that kind of cold that is just enough to make your nose abit sore and your cheeks red while you can barely see your breath as you puff. Standing in the sun you can marvel at what a wonderfully, beautiful day it is, needing a light jacket to stay snuggly as you look around at the earth and wonder how anything could be wrong. The smell of burning wood and leaves drift past your tingling nose as you inhale filling your lungs with an almost energetic rush of air. It makes you think of the bright fires, roasted marshmallows, hayrides, children jumping in piles of leaves, scarves, hot chocolate, and first snowflake days that are ahead. Head buzzing with such warming thoughts that the cold is almost forgotten. Then with a immense feeling of well being despite anything that lingers in reality you can go forward into the day with a small smile teasing at your lips because it of those Crisp days.

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