Friday, October 28, 2005

Ten Minutes

Ten minutes and the weekend is mine! Muwahh ha ha! Ok so this Imp cannot evil laugh...but imps aren't supposed to evil laugh correctly. So the weekend is looking full, tonight more rehearsal and if we get done early enough and I am not knackered beyond socializing a costume party awaits! Tomorrow it is off to see my grandmother and try to avoid eating too much of her good cooking, then tomorrow night I get to take the cutest 4 year old Woody the cowboy(From Toy Story) in Alabama trick or treating in a neighborhood that is doing the Halloween thing on Saturday night instead of Monday. I will hopefully have pictures to show off soon, if I can figure out how to put pics on my blog. Not sure if it has been proclaimed before but this Imp is a very much biased Aunt of the two most georgous nephews in the world! I would take the little one trick or treating but not sure he would understand at only three months old! Ohh my ten minutes is up! YAY It is the Weekend!! Hoorah, I am outta here!

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