Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat

Trick was what this Imp got! There is a fellow colleague from whom this Imp is constantly taking things and rearranging pictures in their office. Well today this Imp was gotten back! I arrived at work with my boss (have mentioned before that I carpool with her) and we see a paper skeleton and cobwebs all over her office door with a sign that says "Turn Back!" We laughed and she made me open the door which I cautiously did, thank heavens, because there was something gooey on the doorhandle. Only got my fingers gooey! Then we ventured in and her entire desk was covered with cobwebs! Spiders, a bat on her computer screen, a fake mouse by her keyboard! It was quite funny. I told her to be careful messing with anything for there might be boobytraps! After a few more laughs I walked to my cubie and oh no! Skeleton, a sign saying Beware!, spiderweb, spiders, bat on computer screen! I had been tricked too! My phone was unhooked and kept ringing with nobody on the other end! It was very funny and very well planned. I took pictures that hopefully when I get home tonight I can put on the computer and in the blog! I also have pictures of the best looking Woody from Toy Story as well!

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