Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy S.A.D.

To all those out there who hate the pink and red
who wake in the morning the only one in bed
To those who wrinkle their nose at the couple holding hands
Or avoid the romance movie and choose the action one instead.
To all of those whose bread gets moldy and their milk goes bad
From lapse of time and the solo consumption to be had.
To those who hate the term "buy one dinner get the second free"
Who among all the married folk, feels quite the anomaly.
To those who hate the question "So when will you be next?"
Which seems to be a standard at every family event.
To those who at weddings don't go for the bouquet
because the closet's full of past ones collected anyway.
To those who curl up on the couch and feel the cold dance down their spine
And wish and want and yearn and long and maybe even pine
For someone who would make the moment right and bright and gay
And give a reason for celebrating the (for now dreaded)
Valentines Day.
Do not be down, do not be sad
For happiness, even solo, is to be had
Just lift your head and smile to say
I will embrace my life on this day.
I will rejoice for I have money to do with what I want
'cause I did not have to buy to impress, address, or flaunt.
I do not have to worry about what he or she will think
Or worry with any item that is white or red or pink.
I do not have to put up with an overcrowded dinner
Or worry if the date I chose will turn out to be a winner.
No need to worry or stress about the "before we part" kiss
Or worry if it doesnt happen if something is amiss.
I can enjoy and relish in every possible way
that I get to celebrate the stress free
Singles Awareness Day!
Happy Singles Awareness Day!!


Breazy said...

I like that ! Happy Valentines Day !

Anonymous said...

Happy Single Awareness day! I like being single right now it fits.

Anonymous said...

yep, it's a "sad" day alright, but we will get through

David said...

Looking back on today, it was great after work. To just hang out with friends and eat and joke made the day. Mel, thanks for reading this at the SAD Dinner. It was so SAD! Of course I had to come read again. lol.
Happy SAD!


RG said...

Hey there Imp! Well I tried to get someone to agree to stop by the SAD day celebration and say Hi to everyone but they wouldn't have any of it. They thought our presence would be considered rude. We're not that bad are we? Anyways... Happy SAD Day!

oregoncelticlady said...

I am glad you made it to my site for my rant! *laugh* It actually isn't too bad with 27 little red mail boxes, 27 cupcake smeared faces and HUNDREDS of little valentine cards!

CyberWarlock said...

*raises his coffee cup* Cheers for Singles Awareness Day.. even if I am a few days late.