Wednesday, February 8, 2006

One more invention to promote singleness!

Ladies do you want to cuddle without the dreaded football game blaring in the background? Do you wish you could spend time snuggled close with an arm around you without the snoring? Do you long for that comfort without all the drama of "it is poker night" or "we cuddled last night"? You single ladies wish you could snuggle but don't have a guy?
Well long no more, ladies for here is your answer...the Manillow! I see that look and no I am not talking about the singer but the latest and greatest from our friends overseas....the man pillow! No more worries about having to keep in his favor to be able to snuggle, with your Manillow you can cuddle anytime you want and his arm will never let you go! No more poker nights or snoring nights to keep you from your relaxation and enjoyment, with the Manillow you can have hours of snuggle time without any interruptions or protests. And it comes in three different shirt shades!
Yes this Manillow is exactly what you have been looking for but wait...there is more! Order your new Manillow in the next ten minutes and we will send you this latest and greatest in footwear...the Footbrella! Do you hate spending alot of money on the latest shoes only to have them ruined in the rain? Worry no more with the Footbrella! This is a $40 value for FREE!
Most places would charge $80, $90 even up to $100 dollars for this product but it can be yours through this special order for just two easy payments of $19.99!
So do not wait, call now and order you Manillow along with your free pair of Footbrellas! Hurry while supplies last! 1-800-MANILLOW Call today!

URGULLIBLE Inc. and it s subsidiaries hold no responsibility for lack of true affection from pillows. Manillow is not true replacement for apartner in any kind of relationship. Footbrella's will not protect shoes from puddles. Purchase is optional and non-refundable. Void where prohibited.


David said...

That's awesome, and I mean hillarious. No, I don't want one!
Thanks for the laughter.

Julie Ann said...

I'll just take the Footbrella, do I get a discount to just purchase 1 product? And do the footbrellas come in other collor choices?

I think I'll hold out for the real thing versus the Manillow! Don't want a false sense of cuddling, I want the real thing baby!

TJ said...



Anonymous said...

Do you ship to ex girlfriends?

RG said...

hehehe.. I've seen that one before. Still funny though. I should show you some of the other ... um.... fashion trends and uh... paternal products from our overseas friends.

oregoncelticlady said...

I am so pissed that they aren't really for sale....and I can just kick it off the bed once I fall asleep!