Friday, February 17, 2006

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Ok so it is Friday and I am still sick :( Due to this illness I have not had the energy to finish the Black Thong mystery though I know many are waiting the next segment. I will get to it soon I promise. On a side note, I am auditioning for another play tomorrow.

For TheFantasticks , an absolutely wonderful musical that I actually performed about three or four years ago and have wanted to do again ever since! The only thing causing me a wee bit of strife about the audition tomorrow is this blasted cold, I have a cough and stuffy head which makes singing very hard and since this is a musical, and a theatre that has never heard me sing, this could pose a problem. But alas as usual this Imp is going to be optimistic, I have auditioned before with a frog sounding voice (another play, another cold) and gotten the part so it can happen again!

I ran across this strange thing called a Johari window which is a personality thingy and how others see you or something so I decided to give it a try. So if you just read my blog or if you know me in person as well, can ya click here and give it a try, lets see how you all see me compared to how I see myself. This is a short description of what is means:

Interpretation of Johari Window
The terms are plotted in a square grid divided along two axes into four quadrants. One axis represents Known/Not Known (to self), and the other represents Known/Not Known (to others).
Terms selected by both the subject and their peers are placed into the Arena quadrant, representing the fact that everyone involved knows these particular pieces of information about the subject individual; they have been openly communicated.
Terms selected only by the subject, but not by any of their peers, are placed into the Fa├žade quadrant, representing information about the subject of which their peers are unaware. The choice is then up to the subject whether or not to self-disclose this set of information.
Terms that are not selected by the subject but only by their peers are placed into the Blind Spot quadrant. These represent information of which the subject is not aware, but others are, and they can decide whether and how to inform the individual about these "blind spots".
Terms which were not selected by either the subject or their peers remain in the Unknown quadrant, representing the subject's behaviors or motives which were not recognized by anyone participating. This may be because they do not apply, or because there is collective ignorance of the existence of that trait.


And last on the list is this funny joke The Mom sent me today:

There was this fellow from East Tennessee who had a flat tire. He pulled
off on the side of the road,jumped out of his car, walked down the
hillside and picked a bunch
of wildflowers, and proceeded to put one bouquet of the flowers in front
of the car and one behind it. Then he got back in the car to wait.
A passerby studied the scene as he drove by and was so curious he turned
around and went back. He asked the fellow what the problem was.
The man replied,"I have a flat tarr." In response the passerby asked,
"But what's with the flowers?" The man responded, "When you breakdown
they tell you to put flares in the front and flares in the back! I
never did understand it neither."

Yes it is jokes like these that though they are funny, they undermine the Imp's rants of an educated South! Everybody have a great weekend and I will return hopefully rid of a cold, roled in a new play, and armed with the next segment of Attack of the Black thong!


TJ said...

Impish One,
Break a leg at the audition tomorrow!

David said...

Ok, so i just got off the phone with you, but you will do awesome at the audition. If you do half as well as you did in "...Alice..." you will rock. I am praying for you.


Julie Ann said...

I hope you get the part b/c coming to see you in your play was one of the best nights I've had over the past couple of months. Good times! Break a leg...but please get better. Take it down a couple of notches while you are sick so you can give your immune system and extra boost of energy :0)