Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Results are In

Ok so we have reached phase four of the illness- that lovely coughing, hacking up a lung, have to sleeping standing up to be able to breath, just enough fluid in your ears that every time you swallow your ears pop, and decongestants don't work any longer phase.
Since the first of January I have gotten to this phase at least three times, which usually getting to this phase is a good thing because it means you are on the road to recovery, BUT I relapse everytime! I get to phase four and instead of moving into phase five which is the "I AM HEALED!" phase I got straight back to phase 1.
I must say I should get "Patron of the Year" award because I have kept Kleenex in business the last two months for sure! Needless to say I totally blame all this for my not getting the part in The Fantasticks. Yes sadly enough I did not get the role I auditioned for, but...yes there is a but....I did get asked to be AD/Stage Manager which is an awesome opportunity! So I will be working with the play just will not be acting in it. I actually am excited about this because I have never been artistic director or stage manager before and though it will be alot of work it will be great on the resume for future shows! So I will tell more on that later.....

On to other things, now that I am finally healing (because I am determined not to relapse again) I will finally catch up on my stories I am supposed to be finishing: The Attack of the Black Thong, here on this blog and The Unexpected Christmas Present on my writing blog. My computers at home are both dead so I haven't been able to work on anything while at home. Though speaking of work I have to get back to that now, hopefully I can post something more fun or Impish later.


TJ said...

Sorry illness hasn't left you alone yet, Imp. Keep pushing onward. YOu'll get better soon. -T

Breazy said...

Oh my , I hate being sick like that ! I will keep you in my prayers ! Congrats on the AD job!