Thursday, February 23, 2006

Attack of the Black Thong prt2

And finally part two of the story:

"Exactly what I said! This has to be a joke." Marsha grabbed another swallow of her coke before heading back out of her cubicle. This was quickly becoming the winner for Bizarre Monday of the Month award. Perhaps she should have called in sick today it would have been great to remain snuggled under the covers with her husband by her side, cat at her shoulder and dog sprawled at the foot of the bed. She paused in step at that wonderful thought only to have Jamie bump into her from behind. Raising an eyebrow, she glanced over her shoulder at Jamie. Jamie grinned and shrugged her shoulders. "You didn't expect me to just sit there and wait did you? Consider this moral support." "More like nosey support." Marsha grinned and the two proceeded down the hall towards Darcy's.

They rounded the corner and again she paused in her step causing another collision from Jamie. There not five feet from her feet, in front of Darcy's office door was a crumpled piece of black material. She approached it with cautious steps as if it would attack at any moment, Jamie peering over her shoulder in the same fascinated daze.
"Oh good you are here. Now take that nasty thing away and next time keep your purse zipped!" Darcy's voice penetrated their dazed state causing Marsha and Jamie to look away from the thong and note Darcy's hands on hips stance and frown.
"Where do you get off with the idea it is mine!" Marsha frowned and looked back at the offending piece of material. "I don't wear butt floss." She snorted assuming the same pose as Darcy, emanating the attitude right back. Jamie choked on a laugh behind her, muttering something about butt floss. Darcy gasped and shook her finger. "You are the only one I could think of that would be brazen enough to carry such a scrap of nothing around in her purse."
"Darcy that is not mine and I am not going to argue with you about it." Marsha snorted and turned to Jamie, rolling her eyes. Jamie smirked and looked back to Darcy. "Oh don't even give me that look Darcy, I don't wear black. My husband likes the animal print on me." Jamie burst into laughter. It was Marsha's turn to choke on a laugh. "Ok that was TMI."

"What was TMI?" Alan Meirs appeared carrying his briefcase and walking towards his office which was next to Darcy's. "The fact that...oh Watch your Step!" Darcy's voice rose as she waved her finger at the black thong upon which Alan was about to step. Marsha and Jamie watched in comical amazement as Alan did a two step and hop dance, briefcase waving as a flamingo pose was struck, weaving of his upper torso as balance was sought to avoid stepping on the item about which Darcy was exclaiming. "What, what, what is it?" he looked around his briefcase to spot the popularity increasing thong. "Darcy's wild weekend spilled over into Monday." Marsha could not resist the jibe, since Darcy had been determined she was the owner. Darcy sputtered out a protest as Alan's lips spread into a teasing curve and one dark eybrow waggled in her direction. "Wow Darcy, never knew you were that kind of woman. You should have called us to join in the fun, my weekend was quite the bore."
" is not mine! It is ...we are trying to discover who it belongs to!" Cheeks flaming red as she brushed bangs from her forehead in an absent motion, Darcy cleared her throat and stared at the thong in momentary silence.

Alan smirked and waved his briefcase towards the clump of satin. "Probably belongs to Agnus." He stepped around the thong and moved into his office, his laugh trailing behind him. "Agnus...the cleaning lady? Oh that is gross...she is old enough to be my grandmother!" Jamie's nose wrinkled as she squinted and stuck her tongue out. Shoulders shaking in a shudder, she stepped away. "Oh that is just too much, I think I actually hear Excel calling my name. Good luck Darcy." A hand snaked out to grab Marsha's arm and pull her as she moved them both off and back to their cubicle. Marsha gave the thong and Darcy one last look and then followed Jamie's tug. "Yeah good luck on finding the owner, Darcy."
Darcy stood there with a gaping look as everyone walked away and she was left with the thong still there in the same spot it had been for the last twenty minutes. "But...."

Across the hall:
So that is what happened to it! Eyes narrowed as they watched out the small crack in the door. If nosey Darcy would ever leave the opportunity would arise to snatch the thong and be rid of the evidence before anymore questions were asked. Things would get ugly if the truth of the origin of the black thong was revealed. Breath exhaled between teeth as the left foot tapped the carpet in a hurried rat-ta-tat pattern waiting for Darcy to give up in her self proclaimed quest to find the owner. A grunt given as Darcy finally moved back into her office, the door pushed open in a wary manner. Only four feet to snatch up the evidence and end this drama before it became a fiasco. A quick glance both ways as the thong is reached and back curving to stretch hand and grab the scrap of satin.

To be continued....

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