Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wuv Twue Wuv, thats wat bwings us together today!

Yes this Imp is in luv!

I am not sure why or how it happened though I do know the place...it happened in the Art Museum on Saturday. He is quite the looker with eyes almost beyond description...they are a dark murky that seem endless. He seems to have a serious side that appeals to me whilst still having that "little boy" charm that is definitely warming to see. Just a few moments spent alone together, I knew I was in luv and that I had to find a way to spend more time with him.

He is not my usual style. I have had to ponder how he will fit in my life but I am very willing to compromise and rearrange so that he will not only fit but blend to perfection, making it seem like he has always been there. I am abit worried because of his availability. I think he may already be taken but it is hard to know for sure.

How did we meet, you ask. Well it was raining and the perfect time to be inside. There were many others around, some I noted some I did not, but I came around the corner and he caught my eye. I was entranced and captivated. I could not look away from him, this intense feeling of emotion passing through my form as I could not help and wonder if destiny had woven this moment in the fabric of time.

He is the silent type in his stance and demeanor. Many would tell you that silent types and this Imp do not mix, but he is definitely the exception. I must find a way to see him more, everyday if that is possible!

He will be mine, he must be mine! I am very afraid though....I will have to settle for a copy!

"Three for Five"

John George Brown - 1890

Ha ha, could not help the wordplay! I went to the Art Museum on Saturday and fell in luv with this painting.

If copies are sold I will own one!


David said...

I'm so jealous! lol. I didn't fall in love with him. There were a few good looking women though. lol. They needed clothes though. Just kidding; they had nothing on.......


Julie Ann said...

You tease! I was looking for something else at the end of this post!!

Ameratis said...

:) that was the point of writing it the way I did. Sorry just being impish ;)

The Imp