Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh to be a fly on the wall...or toilet?

Moms are you trying to potty train that little man and it is creating a big mess? Ladies are you tired of your man not only leaving the lid up but making a mess as well? Well look no further than SterileFly! SterileFly was created by Dutch Urinal Maker, Schiphol and has become the rage in Amsterdam! This little fly etching makes a perfect target for those mess making males! Studies show that these little friendly flies reduce spillage by 80% because they give the guys something at which to aim.
So moms forget those cheerios and cheap targets, ladies forgo the need to yell at your sloppy man, with the SterileFly your worries will be gone.
How do I get this you ask? It is easy! Just pick up the phone and dial 1-888-STERILE. We have operators standing by to take your call and get you your very own SterileFly.
But wait! There is more! If you call within the next ten minutes we will not only send you a SterileFly but we will send you two extra SterileFly's for the other bathrooms AND a signed by author copy of "Boys and the Bathroom", a bestseller by well known author Collin O'Dougan who also wrote "Girls and their Barbies".
Yes so you not only get your mess stopping SterileFly but two extra and a FREE book! But how much is this going to cost me you are probably asking? Most would charge you $60, $80 maybe even $100 dollars for this but during this special blogoffer you can get this all for just two easy payments of $19.95! That's right $19.95! So call TODAY!

URGULLIBLE Inc. and its subsidiaries hold no responsibility for lack of aim from males after installation of SterileFly. URGULLIBLE Inc. is also not reponsible for any lost Sterilefly's due to excessive flushing. SterileFly does not in any way sterilize your toilet, proper maintenance and cleaning should still be applied. Purchase is optional and non-refundable. Void where prohibited.

Much thanks to SUCCINCT from where this Imp "borrowed" the picture.


David said...

My comments have made to the author in private. No further comment here because I would be flogged in public.


Anonymous said...

I was here... well done!


PS..I like your word of the day on your other site.

Chuck said...

Good post.

Hey, I'm also from Alabama.

Mark Leslie said...

LOL! The guys are just trying to drown and wash away the poor little fly, but hilairous that it works so well.