Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Aye so I am havin' ta type this entry a wee bit arlee due to the computers bein' snavvied at home. Just wantin' ta wish all me loved ones and loyal readers a Happy St. Patty's Day! Remember that on this day everyone is a wee bit Irish and for those of us who actually have it runnin' through our veins it is truly a day to be celebratin'

Aye I do baleeve I do be havin' a pretty bad Irish accent in writin' but I canna help meself. The Irish Imp is havin much fun typin' this out and sayin it out loud in me Irish accent. For those who know the Imp in parson, I must note that despite the very Anglo-Saxon last name I do be havin' some Irish roots. Of course those who know this Imp even better are anoddin' because they know the temper I keep tucked under pretty well.

So remember to kiss yer loved ones, bless the bairns, and just enjoy bein' Irish for a day even if you are not! Dance a jig and celebrate in your green-aroo, and for those of me friends who will be celebratin' over a pint, watch yerselves afterwards!

May your charms always be lucky and you find that pot of gold, just remember going over the rainbow is half the fun!


David said...

I'll be needin' a pint or two taday but I'll hold off a wee bit till tomorra. Blessin's to ya' lads and lasses out on the range and be keepin' the green smiles a commin'. Gooday!

Philbur O'Dougan

-gemmy- said...

aye lassie, ive had some irish in me, so i think that makes me part irish dont it?