Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Baby Journey with PCOS: An Update

I have not written about the baby journey since August. No I am not pregnant yet which is probably one of the reasons why I have not updated.

August was my first round of Clomid and after psyching myself out with fake symptoms, I was told I did not ovulate and so the next round I told myself I was not going to over-analyze it and so no symptoms presented themselves and again I did not ovulate.

It was mid September before I started the second round so after it was finished I decided that instead of doing the third and final round with my OBGYN that I wanted to head on to the fertility clinic. If the third round did not work I would have to go there anyway.

Sexy Husband and I went on December 5th to the fertility clinic. They gave me a progesterone shot to get my cycle to start then ordered another round of Clomid. SH had to have an analysis, poor guy, can we say awkward! for him.

I love the Dr. He is so great, very nice, with a slightly dry sense of humor which I like. He said that of the couples he had seen lately we were the "Most Likely to Conceive" I felt like I was back in highschool for a moment with the who's who! Instead of "Most Likely to Succeed" we were the "Most Likely to Conceive" ha!

Dr. S, as we will call him, said that once I started my period to call and schedule a "Dye Test" which is where they inject dye into the uterus and X-ray to make sure the fallopian tubes are not blocked.

I will tell you about the dye test, and catch you up to today, tomorrow! Ha! For now I need coffee....

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

I am glad you wrote this post. I was just praying for you last night about this because I haven't talk to you in forever and I was wondering how things are going. So happy to hear that you are happy with how things are going with the new doctor. I will continue to pray for you and for your body (that it will cooperate). Hope to see you soon!

Joe Sack said...

I could tell you've lost some weight when I saw you last weekend. Good for you, and best of luck going forward!