Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Baby Journey with PCOS: Dye Test

So I had to get the dye test done, the dye test is where they inject dye into the uterus and check to see if the fallopian tubes are open.

I went in on a tuesday and the mom was nice enough to go with me. It was an interesting procedure that involved numbing my cervix and and inserting a small tube inside. Let just say it is not the most comfortable procedure in the world and it is never comfortable as a woman to have your legs spread wide to a man you do not know and are not necessarily attracted to ha ha

My fertility Dr is wonderful and has a great sense of humor, so it did make the time not as uncomfortable as it could have been. He did joke about accidentally spilling some of the numbing liquid but the only side effect would be a numb vagina.

Then he proceeded to tell me at the end that I have a pretty uterus. that is one I have never heard before for sure, a pretty uterus.

In the end everything was great and my tubes were perfectly clear and my uterus beautiful so with that elminated and sexy
husbands test coming back normal, we now just have to get me to ovulate and we can make a baby!

We are tried one more round of clomid, maxed out at the 150 mg, and I must say it definitely "felt" like I ovulated. I wore my poor husband out, I made him baby dance so often that when I was done ovulating I mentioned baby dancing and he screamed in terror ha!

So now we are in the two week wait period to see if we were successful this time. If so then SUPER YAY but if not then it is further into the world of fertility treatments

Until next time....

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Joe Sack said...

Once you wear out all his up and down, just switch to side to side. ;)