Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Baby Journey with PCOS: Clomid Part 2

So Sunday is when I started taking the Clomid. After taking the first pill I ran down the hall into the library where Sexy Husband was sitting and did a crazy dance while spouting gibberish. I then laughingly told him I had taken the first pill and everyone has said it makes the woman go crazy so I was getting a head start!


Actually in the two and a half days the only side effect I have noticed is that yesterday I had major "pregnancy brain" even though I am not pregnant. It was so bad that I walked about five steps from the coffee pot to the cupboard and completely forgot why I had done it. To get a cup, of course! Luckily the scatterbrained feeling has not followed me into today!

So we have begun the Clomid journey and we will have to see where it takes us. For now though that is about all there is to report :)

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Anonymous said...

that was just a dumb blonde day--i have them all the time-lol