Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Baby Journey with PCOS: Being a TTC-er

It is an interesting thing when you are are a TTC-er (Trying To Conceive) you live your life in two week increments.
You start the cycle and you wait two weeks or so for the big O (which is no longer orgasm but ovulation) to happen and schedule your life completely around making sure you do the baby dance plenty of times around the big "O".
Then you get to wait another two weeks or so to even know if it was a hit or miss. During this two week wait you are trying to not over-analyze every hiccup that you have or gas bubble because it might be a "symptom". To make matters worse all the possible "symptoms" of pregnancy are also the same "symptoms" that Aunt Flow brings along with her so it could be impending doom instead of impending baby!

My Brain:
Headache....Oh! I have a headache today, maybe that means I am pregnant, but no it is too early, implantation hasn't even happened because it takes 8 to 10 days to happen and we are only on 6 dpo, but then again maybe....
Gas! I have gas, must mean I am pregnant, it could not possibly have anything to do with something I possibly ate that could have given me gas.
My baby toe aches, I am pregnant!!

I have never been more in tune with every possible function that my body can produce in one day though sadly they are most likely not due to pregnancy. I really do try not to obsess over it too much but I cannot help but have it at the back of my mind. Pregnancy is one of my main goals at the moment.

Since I am on Clomid, I did have to go have lab work done on Friday to see if my progesterone levels were indicative of the big O. Since it was Friday I will probably not hear until tomorrow or Tuesday. I feel quite confident that I did ovulate because I had pangs in my right ovary which I cannot remember the last time I felt something like that. It was a good sign to me.

We will see what they say....

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Mrs. Hicks said...

Just wanted you to know that I pray for you often....I pray for conception and peace of mind every time I think about you. :)

I understand about the symptom thing, I think that's some kind of curse on women trying to conceive. lol