Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Hall Bath...Before and After

As I mentioned in my Houses, Houses, Houses post the hall bath was a hideous copper color with a black ceiling. Due to the wince inducing color scheme that bathroom was put very high on the painting list. I even primed it way before I knew what colors I was going to paint it just so it would look better than the copper.

The bathroom is small and the copper made it feel even smaller. I am a short person and I felt cramped in the dark of the theme. It is sad when primer looks better than the last paint job.

I finally decided on a color and look I wanted to try. I found all my pieces and set to work on the bathroom. Behold the transformation:

Before in its' hideous copper hole feel:

Primed to at least not feel like a dark hole:

Painted and finished to be warmer and more welcoming to all seeking relief:


Anonymous said...

yes the bath is ssssssooooooo much better--it gave me an upset tummy before--lol

Breazy said...

very nice Ameratis! The green on your bathroom looks like the new green in my kitchen, it isa kind of olive color, maybe mine is darker. Either way I love the final on the bathroom!