Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Surprise Party

I was able to pull my first surprise birthday party off this last Saturday. As you all know from one of the previous posts the Sexy Husband had a birthday and turned the big three zero! Back before the wedding was even completely planned I had mentioned to his mother that I would like to throw him a surprise birthday party. His family is very good at parties so I recruited an aunt, his mother, and two cousins to help with the planning.

Due to a comment made a couple years ago by one of his younger cousins the family joke is that thirty is "old". So the theme for the party was, of course, "old". I chose black and aqua blue as the colors, ordered a black plain cake that I topped with cool curlies and candles I found, and had everyone bringing something "old" for him.

The hardest part was getting him out the house. Luckily I was able to recruit a friend to have a "project" that she needed help to get him out for just a couple hours then they were to come pick me up to go eat lunch.

He left me pretending I was still asleep and as soon as enough time passed I flew out of bed. I rushed around cleaning up because not only was my mother-in-law and mother going to be in my house but 20 something other people were too!

He was surprised.

Everyone had fun.

It was fantastic!

I am totally enjoying being married to this wonderful man!


G-Man said...

Imp, you are so sweet, and such a great and loving wife. What a very lucky guy!!!...G

Breazy said...

That sounds great!I could never pull off a surprise party for my husband because he knows everything it seems, I can't even put his gifts under the tree at Christmas because he guesses them with one try and that is without touching them. It's very weird how he does it.

You have a good day!

Kid Johnny C said...

We hated that we missed it. And I didn't even serenade him on Sunday night. Sounds like it was awesome!