Monday, June 23, 2008

Pudding and Wisdom Teeth

Friday I shall lose all my wisdom. In the count of four all the wisdom that was conveniently stored in my teeth will be extracted and I will no longer be wise.

How sad.

To prepare for said loss of wisdom, I went today to one of my oh so favorite places...The Walmart. I had to stock up on soft foods for when I come from the drug induced black abyss. I was strolling along in an amazingly calm fashion to be in The Walmart when I came upon some pudding.

How odd.

Pudding.... I am not in the cold section of the grocery area. This inspired the question:

Why are there some puddings that have to be in the cold section while others can sit here upon this non-cold shelf next to the Pringles?

Now to understand for a large portion of this Imp's life milk has been an allergy so pudding was not something consumed in large or even small amounts. Luckily the allergy has waned and so certain amounts of milk based products can be eaten. So pudding eating, buying, and store location observations have never been made before now.

This question rattled through my impish brain all the way until I returned to work. I decided then I would ask my cubihell neighbor this question because surely she would have superior knowledge of the creamy goodness and it's multiple locations.

She did not.

She said she had wondered such herself.

Le sigh.

The Mystery of the Multiple Pudding Places.


G-Man said...

It only hurts for a couple of days!
Happy Birthday to your hubby..
Beautiful wedding pics...
Imp, you need to get out more...G

Breazy said...

we always buy the bulk pudding which is never in the refrigerated section. I am not sure but I can guarantee you that when I go back to the grocery I will indeed read the labels as I am sure that we will find a huge clue, maybe?

Have a wonderful day and I will be praying for you to have an easy time with the removal of your wisdom teeth.

Anonymous said...

they put it like that for blondes that forget at the first of the store, to give them a fighting chance to get them--(also for dark headed people that are really blonde at the roots-lol)

Ed Mcgoldrick said...

Pudding is still a mystery. In any case, stocking up on food was a smart idea. You need a lot of soft stuff after getting those wisdom teeth removed, and eating can get pretty dull quickly.