Sunday, November 11, 2007

What happened to Thanksgiving?

Ok once again it is time for the yearly rant on Thanksgiving. If you are unaware of my feelings on the holidays, you can click here , here and here for more info.

I was speaking with what I thought was a friend of mine and he admitted to one of the most heinous crimes in my book.....He started putting up his Christmas lights!!

Ohhh...the sacrilege....the horror! It is bad enough that each year Wal-Mart starts playing Christmas music at the beginning of Nov. but then this year they had Christmas Trees out BEFORE Labor Day! UGH UGH UGH!!!

Now my ...friend...if I can even bring myself to call him that anymore says he is putting up those unlit (He tried to use this defense but unlit or not doesn't matter!) plastic electric symbols of Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving even has a chance to be celebrated!!!!

Come on AMERICA! Thanksgiving is our own special holiday that no other country celebrates like we do!! We dress our children as fowl, Pilgrims, and Indians (yes I am not P.C.) and have them sing corny songs about horns of plenty, and then we gather with our families and consume large amounts of food whilst fighting over Football or the Macy's Parade on the television!

It is Thanksgiving that is the threshold of the holiday season! It is the monumental, gunshot beginning to the chaos that builds to a crest and explodes with the champagne corks on New Years Eve!

BUT! We are allowing places like...Wal-Mart! overlook such an important day! We are slowly suffocating the all important Turkey Day with Christmas trees, music, lights, and Santa Claus! We are being brainwashed with the idea that we won't have sufficient time after Thanksgiving to put out any and all Christmas decorations so we are giving in to the idea of just overlooking such a precious and all American holiday.

We need to take a stand! Get back that important day o' Turkey! Take a vow with me Americans that you will not bring forth anything associated with Christmas to be put out as decoration until after Thanksgiving day is over! Reclaim that Horn O' Plenty spirit and scalp the idea that Christmas is a two month deal!

Who is with me?


SoCal Sal said...

I stand strong and firm with you dear!

lime said...

oh i quite agree, it irritates me no end.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you imp.
I saw them putting Christmas stuff out in the stores before Halloween.
Thanks for visiting, it was great to see you again.
I had completely forgotten about coming over here to check anymore.

Anonymous said...

Okay, your rant inspired a rambling of my own.. so here goes..


G-Man said...

Hey Imp, It's great to see you out and about somewhat again..I agree with you BTW..
Thanks for the rant!!!

Breazy said...

I am so with you even though it isn't going to sound like it after I tell you this. We are putting our tree up this weekend because I have to go into the hospital on Tuesday (Nov.20) to have a total hysterectomy. If all goes well I get to come home on Wednesday but I can't do anything but rest and walk a bit each day for two solid weeks so I won't be able to put our tree up with my husband and our kids.

Our normal routine is the day after Thanksgiving, you know the Friday that everyone is out fighting each other for goofy gifts to buy their children, we are normally home decorating the house for Christmas then in the evening we go see a movie together but not this year because I won't be able and the kids refuse to have a tree unless I help decorate.

I wish Americans would realize that Thanksgiving is a very important holiday because it is a time to thank God for what He has done, is doing and is going to do for us. Most Americans don't want to take time to stop and thank God for what they have because they don't feel like God helped them get where they are, they feel like they got their on their own.

Now that I have taken up your entire comment section I will be on my way.

I hope you are doing well and if I don't make it back before my surgery I would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!