Friday, November 16, 2007

Back away from the Santa!

It is sad because I would have used this time to dazzle you all with one of my Fiction 55 since it is Friday but nooooooooooooo somewhere out there once more the idiots have brought forth a rant.

After reading this: Santa: Ha Ha Ha

I have to say OH MY GOSH! Come on people!!!

Las year we had to be P.C. about the Christmas Tree (Nope I am not P.C.) and try to call it a "holiday" tree and this year some are calling it the "family" tree! I already have a family tree and it is all twisted and does not need to be put out on display in the living room!

Now this year they are going after the big man? Ok I am not even the biggest fan of the man in the red suit but give me a break!
In Australia a company that is based in Australia and U.S. are making their santa's say Ha ha ha instead of Ho ho ho so they won't "offend" women or "scare" children.

This is jaw-dropping idiocy! I was stunned for a moment as I read it, then I laughed thinking it surely a joke, then I had another moment where I wondered at the mental capacity of most out there! If it weren't for my loved ones here and my blogger friends I would wonder if any of the world was sane! (The word sane is used loosely here)

We are going to P.C. our world into a box! No one will want to leave their house in fear of "offending" someone. You know what?? You idiots who make Santa say ha ha ha, offend me! You offend tradition! You offend the spirit of Saint Nicholas! You are so worried about offending your are being offensive! I hope the man in the red suit comes down and kicks your *edited for the PG rating of this blog*

Now let us analyze Santa saying Ha Ha Ha.


Little Johny who is so excited about seeing Santa, climbs upon his lap and enthusiastically says he wants the new Transformer 3d Double Whammy Toy Set Thingy. And how does Santa reply? In his usual "Ho ho ho, Johny" ?


He says "Ha ha ha Johny!" Which makes Little Johny gasp in surprise then burst into tears as his innocent dreams and expectations are dashed when Santa laughs at him. His little self esteem is already small because of the lack of true discipline and a father figure in Little Johny's life. He then will go home and swear to hate Santa forever. Little Johny will then grow up to be a psycho killer who goes around killing santa's and saying HA HA HA take that ya old fat *edited for the PG rating of this blog*

So you see my friends, this is ludicrous! Throw away the P.C. drivel and LEAVE SANTA ALONE!


Jared said...

I am on your side 100%!

What's next...outlawing mistletoes because it may just lead to two people kissing, which would lead to the spread of some disease, which would lead to the end of the world?

Please...I wish the people concerned about Christmas being PC would focus their energy on something which would actually help society instead of taking away the fun of one of our greatest holidays!

Good post!

lime said...

jaw dropping idiocy is the b est description for it.

bamaboy280 said...

Good rant. The unending penchant of mankind for stupidity never ceases to amaze. Go Santa, and crush the morons beneath your sleigh runners.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard about this or the family tree thing. Stupid stupid stupid, now I'm angry.
You know what I say to sales clerks and cashier's? Have a Merry Christmas, it's my HOLIDAY! it's my CELEBRATION about the birth of Jesus so if it my wishing you life's blessings is offensive to you too bad. I'm not asking you to join and become a Christian I'm only sharing my joy with you.
thank you for your kind words yesterday.:)

Anonymous said...

Well done Imp,

This is further proof that for every innocent action there is a group of lunatics ready to pervert and subvert it. In keeping with their logic.. the following should also be true.

Milk - It HO-mogenized and must be the diary industries' attempt to make our children wish to consume prostitutes.
Gardening – Right out, HOR-ticulture is the science communities' attempt to make us all crawl around in the dirt with a lady of the evening.

Thanks for the chuckle, it was much needed..