Friday, November 4, 2005

It has begun!

So last night this Imp was in Walmart after rehearsal (where this Imp was complimented for coming alive during the run of the show! Hooray I was in the atmosphere! Hope to stay that way until next Thursday when we open) anywho was in Walmart because I needed a philodendrum but instead I actually got a salliphyllum BUT that is not the point! The point this Imp is trying to make is that they were playing CHRISTMAS music!! It was not even the first weekend in November yet and they had started!

It... has... begun... that ever increasing tempo that starts slowly, subtley and increases to a chaotic, man-slaughtering frenzy that has everyone so stresed out they cannot enjoy the holidays! It builds and increases to such a climax that for weeks afterwards on into January everyone has to recoup and regenerate from the mind-numbing, catatonic state that the previous weeks wreaked upon them. The monotony of the office is actually sought out and embraced as soothing therapy for such trauma to the form.
So it begins, that time of Peace on Earth, Tidings of Joy, and sale snatching, gift grubbing, stress inducing, family fighting Season of giving! Happy Holidays!!!


Lani said...

um, here in philly, the all Xmas station has started already, isnt that just great???

K Tana said...

Our local riteaid was the first to start the decorations. Silly as it sounds I pulled out of the parking lot and went to another store. I just want to enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling barmbarded by the xmas hullaboo before it's time.