Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Good grief!

Good grief it is already November! Next thing we know it is going to be Christmas! I wonder how many more weeks before Walmart starts playing Christmas music, the malls start decorating, and all the stores start fighting for the "Best Sale of the Year!" which they said about the sale at back to school. Having worked retail for 2+ years I know that actually the best sales are always at the change of seasons to get rid of clothes to make room for new season clothes. Don't believe the "Best Sales Ever" for Christmas and such, sure they are good but not the best!

But that is enough ramblings on that. Update on rehearsals, we open next Thursday, the tenth! The picture for the paper was taken yesterday. Our outfits are cute though the director chose a color for me I would never wear otherwise! Mustard yellow! Heavy theatre makeup helps to make it ok though ha ha!

So I finally got a pic of my most handsome Woody and his trusty trickotreating pals Batman and Robin! (Those are the ones who call me watermelon!) We had a grand time trickortreating and got alot of candy we don't need! Of course Woody would not wear his hat so I wore it and looked quite the silly Imp!

Ugh have to get back to work :( On a side note though for my two readers, I changed the comment section so everyone can comment but with word verification :)

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