Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year!

Happy New Year from Bunny!

I cannot believe another year has passed. It is true they go a lot faster the older you get. I am going to try to blog more this year. Bunny is in a super fun age and I want to make sure I write these memories down lest I forget them.

I love doing photo shoots with Bunny but they are getting increasingly more difficult due to her mobility. We did a mini New Year photo shoot and I got a few great pictures out of four hundred. Well I might exaggerate slightly on the four hundred but it was close. Getting the hat on her head and the camera up to snap the photo before the hat was thrown to the floor was a feat in itself!

Then I moved her outside to get a better background and pictures had to be taken while going up and down the stairs.
So I did get this cute one that I personally love and then this other one that looks like she has had one too many juice boxes!

Needless to say the tights did not make it through this concrete stair climbing photo shoot and we ended up with a scraped knee.
 No one said modeling was easy!

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Anonymous said...

the final shot was so worth tearing up one little ole pair of tights--cutest pic every

dotting grandmother-lol