Thursday, March 14, 2013

Give Me Generation

Sometimes I feel an eentsy teensy bit sorry for Bunny. E and I are so different in our thinking patterns from most parents that I fear we will have many "That's not fair!" and "Soinso's momma lets them do it!" in our future. To which I will answer "Life is not fair and I am not Soinso's momma, I am your momma."

Future example of how Bunny will be different:

I have had many friends in the last few months whose children have lost their first tooth. The common question on FB is "What is the going rate for a tooth?"
Ok first, why are you even asking that question? You are the parent of Your child. Decide for yourself!

Despite that, do you know what the common answer is?



Type that again because I had to go get my reading glasses because I know I read that wrong.

Nope, you read FIVE DOLLARS!

That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life. Five dollars from the tooth fairy?!?

I got a quarter!
25 cents.
1/4 of a dollar.
And I am lucky The Mom did not take a tooth fairy fee, tax or interest out of that quarter!

Bunny might, and this is still a huge might, get a dollar for the first tooth, but I do not know about the others. Given this economy and the current leader figurehead of our country, she might get an IOU from the tooth fairy!

This is just one of the many things I think is wrong with this generation that my generation is raising. They give them too many things! They want, want, want and expect, expect, expect. My generation is raising a bunch of socialist! They have to have something because all their friends have something.

What a load of horse dung!

You will always have someone in your life who has something you want but don't have! Either get over it or get to work and earn it!

Besides "things" do not give you value or contentment!

Needless to say, Bunny will probably think we are horrible parents for a while, but hopefully one day she will appreciate what she has because she worked for it/earned it.


Cara Lea said...

Girl.. I am right there with you!! :)

Joe Sack said...

That reminds me of a book on motivation I read recently called Drive. The author said that paying your kids to do chores ensures that they will only do chores if they are paid. It removes their intrinsic motivation to do the chores for the sake of the family, because they're a challenge, or because they're a responsibility. He said that it's great to give kids an allowance so that they learn how to handle money, but separating that from their chores builds a stronger sense of family unity. It's counter-intuitive how financial rewards can often de-motivate people--especially kids--from their natural curiosity and drive.

Anonymous said...

I know you feel like you are all alone in this, your daddy and I did too, but look what great kids we raised :) so many parents today throw money at the kids (by giving them everything they could ever want) but the most important thing--themselves :0 I am proud that you think this way--I did my job right :)

Breazy said...

My husband and I get the whole "Soinso's blah blah" all the time and we just respond that we are not raising Soinso. I am proud that we are raising our children different and that our children understand the value of a dollar, unlike many of the kids around my kids.

The good thing is....My oldest child is now 21. She works 2 jobs and is getting ready to go back to school this fall to work on her nursing degree. I am very proud of her and I love hearing her tell us that she is glad we raised her the way we did because she simply can't stand those who expect everything to be given to them.