Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kodak Moments

Today we parents have so many ways of documenting our little one's life that it can get ridiculous.
They breathe and we take a picture. Now I am not fussing about this, because I am one of the top offenders, just merely stating a fact.
We capture Kodak moment after Kodak moment but it does not change the fact that moment is gone and time will not stand still.
The other night, Bunny had fallen asleep in my arms and I carried her into our bedroom to lay on the bed with her. She, of course, woke but lay there so sweetly touching my face and just cooing and "talking" to me.
It was surreal.
It was beautiful.
A camera would have ruined the moment. I do hope my mind's eye camera captured it forever because it is something I do not want to forget.
We will never have that exact moment again.
6 months.
Our Bunny is 6 months old already.
Where has 6 months gone?
It is a bittersweet thing this parenthood. Seeing each new day and milestone is wonderful yet heartbreaking because your child is growing up faster than you would like.
I fully understand now why The Mom says "You will always be my baby." because now Bunny will always be mine!

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Anonymous said...

the only problem in not taking pics is as you get old you forget the time or change it in your mind-lol still the love is there so it really doesn't matter :)