Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update on Miss Priss

So I thought I would give an update on Miss Priss and the progression of the pregnancy. I am actually stealing this question format from Amanda at ASquared. She is a childhood friend that, via Facebook, we have been able to reconnect and share our lives with each other again! She is two weeks ahead of me in pregnancy which we both think is so funny and awesome. If you are looking for another fun blog to read then definitely take up reading hers :)

So here is the stolen question format:

How far along are you? 
31 Weeks

Total weight gain: 
Actually not too bad given I gained so much weight while we were trying to get pregnant!

How big is baby?:
Baby Center says that Miss Priss weighs as much as four navel oranges. (Length: over 16 inches, head to heel.) My Lilypie tickers says 4lbs and 17in. Which if either of these are accurate and I have already warned Miss Priss that she is getting an eviction notice at 7lbs, she had better grow slow these next nine weeks!
 Maternity clothes
I am starting to get to the point where only certain things fit and certain things are comfortable. I have not quite reached the point of being tired of the same clothes but I feel it coming quickly LOL
Stretch marks?:  
  Ohhh yes, let me tell you on this white girl skin they are a lovely sight indeed! NOT :) I will not be having any public bare pregnant belly pictures because of stretch marks and I got the lovely "hair on belly" symptom!

I have been able to sleep though I do toss quite a bit. The hardest part is turning over because getting the momentum to get that belly over without straining something is a lot of work! LOL I will be glad when I can sleep flat on my back or on my stomach again :)

She has actually gotten pretty active the last week or two. E has finally been able to see and feel her move. She likes to punch me a lot when I sit in certain positions or lay too far on my side. My favorite though is when she is just sorta of moving around and I can see her rolling around in there.

Food cravings?:
Not really

Food aversions?:
Amazingly no. 

Labor signs?: 
No and she is to stay put for another nine weeks. I have had two friends have babies early (in the last two months) and both ended up in NICU, we want to avoid that if possible!

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in, but I can feel that it is definitely shallower than it used to be

What I miss: 
Sleeping like the dead.
 Being able to sit any way I want without my legs hurting or falling asleep. 
Being able to turn over in bed without straining something or a muscle cramping LOL 

What I'm looking forward to: 
My baby showers! They are all scheduled in August :)

What I'm not looking forward to: 
I am super excited to be pregnant and have enjoyed the pregnancy but I am starting to get to the "antsy" point. I am not looking forward to the wait of the next nine weeks while balancing it with trying to enjoy the time while it is here. If that makes sense!

Being in single digit weeks left!

Well that is it for now, until next time....


mk sharma said...
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Anonymous said...

well she could come a couple of days early, i am really looking forward to holding her--not so much you going through labor-(hope i will still be able to show my face at st. vin. after the event-lol) but the showers will be so much fun too--not waiting well either-----------------mama

Amanda said...

You're too sweet...I've been slacking in the blogging area the past few weeks. Add moving into that and I've sucked this week! LOL

Pierce started moving a TON a few weeks ago, and this week it seems that he has lost some space, but his movements are stronger...more concentrated I suppose lol