Monday, July 16, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA

 So Sexy Husband went to college and lived in Pittsburgh, PA for six years. We have been wanting to visit since we got married but not have had the time to go yet. It is quite the trip from B-ham to Pitt, so when we realized we would be practically half way when we went to VA for the wedding we decided to extend our trip to encompass Pittsburgh.
When you are going to Pittsburgh you are surrounded by rolling hills and countryside and then you go through this tunnel and "viola!" there is a city and three rivers that comes out of nowhere. The first picture is my very first view of the city.
One of the cool things about Pitt, are the inclines. They were designed back in the day to carry the steel workers up and down the hill. Pitt actually has two inclines but we decided to ride the Duquesne Incline. I was a bit nervous on the way up but the view made it worth the ride!
The view was great of Point State Park which is the place where all three rivers meet and the city comes to a point. Unfortunately I was unable to see the famous fountain that resides in the park because they were remodeling it. But our hotel was directly across the street from the park so we had great views from our window! I was actually excited we got such a great room with an even greater view. We scored a deal on Priceline and figured we would end up in the basement or such, ha!
We had a fantastic view both day and night, it was awesome!

One of the place we visited was the Phipps Conservatory in Schenley Park. It is like a botanical gardens that is mostly indoors. I love any kind of botanical gardens and it was amazing! I had to take it slow because I was extra tired that day but it was the type of place you almost have to take slowly to be able to see it all. My favorite part is what they call the Stove Room, which is a butterfly area! I love live butterflies. I am not really a fan of fake butterflies, drawings of butterflies, or butterfly jewelry but live ones I love! I made poor Sexy Husband stay in the hottest room in the conservatory so I could get some good shots of the butterflies. They do not stay still long so you have to work fast! I did get quite a few shots but this one that I am putting on here is my absolute favorite!

We also went to visit Carnegie Mellon University which is where Sexy Husband went to college and where he got his degree. It is a beautiful campus, especially in the summer, and I had a good time walking around, letting him reminiscence and who me everything. We got to go to the bookstore and managed to find Miss Priss a Carnegie Mellon onesie!
I cannot wait to get a picture of her and her Daddy in their matching Carnegie Mellon outfits :)

Near CMU is an apartment building where Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers, lived and not far from the area is the studio where he recorded Mr. Rogers' neighborhood. We drove by the studio where Fredosaurus Rex stands outside with two puppets from the show. Sexy Husband likes to joke that during college he actually lived in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

As I have mentioned on here before ever since our honeymoon, we have ended up going to Hard Rock Cafe if there is one in the city where we are visiting. There is one in Pittsburgh so we had to go and eat there one night. We got shirts as we usually do but I won't be able to wear mine for a while because they do not sell maternity shirts, ha!

On Thursday, we headed out with two of Sexy Husband's friends and went to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. It was a very interesting piece of architecture that was definitely nifty for the time period in which it was built. The best part though was Andrew, our guide. I think by the end of the tour, he was very glad to get rid of us. He obviously thought that Frank Lloyd Wright was god-like and so when I mentioned he was arrogant and pompous, Andrew puffed up and quickly "corrected" me by saying FLW was an artist! I had to laugh and tell Andrew that usually those two things went hand in hand. On one floor which was supposedly Kaufman Jr.'s area, there were windows that looked down into the guest bathroom. Now sure you had to get on your knees to look down through the window but it was still there. Andrew puffed up yet again when I mentioned that perhaps Kaufman Jr. was a playa. No! Kaufman Jr. was a studious man who kept to himself, he was not a playa! Andrew knew this for sure! I did not point out to Andrew that if Kaufman wasn't a playa then FLW was definitely a perv since he designed the house. Ha!

Last but not least we spent our last day hanging out with Sexy Husband's friends. They grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, we sat in the shade and enjoyed the weather with each other's company!

It was an absolutely fantastic trip and I am so glad we got to take it! Until Next Time....

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