Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Preparing for Parenthood Classes

So a quick note, I will from now on refer to Sexy Husband as E. It is much less to type and shortening Sexy Husband to SH might be thought of as other things and I don't want that LOL

Now on to our post...

So E and I have attended 2 out of 4 Preparing for Parenthood classes that we are taking at the hospital where Miss Priss will be born. Now these classes are extremely informative and I am enjoying taking them but I really should not be allowed to take them with other expectant mothers!

Why you ask?

Because I cannot hold back my peanut gallery comments and giggle or gag way too much. Now I do make all my comments to E, but I am sure it is still not helpful since I am not known for my ability to quietly do anything.
For example my comment about the video with the Douala present for the birth who was coaching in a soft, calm voice "You are strong. You can do this" I said I would show her how strong I was when the bedpan connected with her skull. But then again I am not a Douala kind of girl!
And then perhaps my comment about the staple looking thing that is supposed to screw into my child's head if they do internal fetal monitoring. Sorry but I just called it like it was, looked painful to me!

Plus I am a question-asker. I am going to ask questions just because I want to know things, probably more than most of the other mother's in the room (since none asked questions!) I will not hold back because by golly I paid for this class, I want info!

The thing I dislike most about the classes so far are the videos of the births.
First I do not need to see some other woman's hoohah being stretched out by her baby's head! Just be a bit ambiguous, people and I can fill in the details! I do NOT need to see that, nor does my husband!! Talk about nasty! I barely want to see my own on that day much less some strange woman from the early nineties when they filmed this video!
Second, they are too dang calm on those videos! So far out of all the videos we have seen, only one has been drugged, so the rest are all "natural" births and they are too dang nice. I am sorry but I need to see at least one of the screaming, cursing woman that is ruing the day she ever let her husband near her. I need both sides so that if I fall somewhere in between I will not be like "Well I must have been the worst birthing mother in the world because I wasn't all calm and nice"
I fear I am going to be "that" room, you know, the room all the nurses whisper about at the nurses station. I probably won't in reality but there is always that fear of the unknown behavior of labor, not all calm and sweet like the video birth star!

The last thing I do not like about the classes is that they are all about the birthing so far, which in itself is not a bad thing, but I am still nine weeks away from it! It makes me antsy and ready to "do this" but then I realize I have to wait a whole report card time length before I can even try to find out if I will be "that room" or not!

So I think I have a love/hate relationship with the Preparing for Parenthood. I do recommend them though except to say "close your eyes when they show the birthing videos and just listen!"

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Anonymous said...

oh gosh i am laughing so hard, i do think you just might be "that" room because you do have a way of expressing yourself--lordy i can see it now, as i walk down the hall to see my daughter and her new daughter everything will go quite-hahaha

Alissa said...

Jamie and I had an interesting time in our birthing classes and there were definitely some strange things and lots of interesting comments. However, the "staple-looking thing" ended up being used with J to monitor him and I was very thankful that I knew what it was because it made it a little less scary when it was used. My prayer for your delivery is that it is peaceful, calm and a memorable experience for you, E and sweet baby girl. Alissa

Angie said...

I think those videos give a doulas a bad reputation. The last two people I know who used a doula said it was the best $$ they spent during the pregnancy. Having her in the room allowed for dad to focus on mom and mom to know ahead of time what the doc/nurse/tech/annoying 500th person to come in the room was going to do before it was done. The doula also helped make sure what MOM wanted was done and done correctly.

Of course, it usually is the opinionated people who are "that room." :-) BUT, it's your body and your baby so if you need to be the loud-mouth, opinionated one to make sure you are getting what you need, then by all means, DO IT! The goal is a healthy, happy baby and a healthy, happy mommy. I'm praying God gives you and E an amazing delivery time - calm, free from any issues and a time you can enjoy Miss Priss.

Melodie Haas said...

I am not saying Doualas are a bad thing, I have known people who used them and were extremely pleased. I know they can be a great thing, especially for people going natural. I was just saying I am definitely not that type of person :)