Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Baby Journey with PCOS - Gender Reveal

I started my Sunday by going to Wal-mart to get last minute items for the party. The Mom only called twice which was impressive. Before I knew it, 1 o'clock rolled around and our first guest arrived very early, but they are forgiven because they were surprise guests all the way from Chattanooga! It was actually nice they arrived early because we were able to talk to them privately some before the rest of the crowd showed up to the party.

A painted front door is what greeted our guests as they arrived, asking them which they would choose Team Pink or Team Blue. Once inside the front door they had to make a choice, sign their name, and take a sticker. I mainly made them sign for fun but also jokingly said it was so they could not change after the cake had been cut :)

As usual I had a lovely spread of yummy food because I fully believe you cannot have a good party without good food. I also had different little areas set up, one was a digital frame that showed pictures of me and Sexy Husband when we were babies and the sign said "Who Will Baby H Look Like?" , another space had strips of pink and blue paper that people could write name suggestions and put them in a box. The last station was a picture of a tree that has a heart in the trunk with our initials and the year Baby H is to be born "carved" in it. The guests were asked to put a fingerprint in the branches as "leaves" and then sign their name. I am going to frame this and hang it in the nursery as a beautiful and fun memory!

The party was scheduled from 2p.m. - 4p.m. and I had said on the invite we would cut the cake at 3p.m. I knew certain friends would be late so this gave everyone at least an hour to get there before they missed the main event!

The cake had maintained a bit of damage at the back during transit so I had a friend who I could trust to keep a straight face, check it and fix the icing before we took it completely from the box and placed it on the stand. Then I had the two teams take turns getting their picture around the cake!

The first picture is Team Pink, the smallest team, and second picture is Team Blue. It was a lot of fun to see which family and friends picked which team. Some picked for fun, others had very specific reasons they chose the team they did, but it was still fun no matter the reason!

 Then it was time! SH and I had decided to use two knives and cut the cake together. I really liked this idea because it took us two to make this baby so it was fun to cut and reveal together if God had blessed us with a boy or girl. We sliced into the cake and had to pry the piece out because the icing was still cold and therefore thick. I saw the color a split second before SH did and started screaming in excitement.

It was pink!!

It was a very good thing we had a plate ready for the piece we cut because I practically threw it down with my knife as I jumped up and down and hugged Sexy Husband. I was tearful but I did not actually cry. It was extremely emotional and very exciting.

We have a cheeseburger! Until next time....


Anonymous said...

great party--great reveal--now lets go buy pink-lol
love ya lots (both of ya)

Amanda said...

So excited for you! And still can't believe how far back the two of us go and we're due the same month with our first children!!!