Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Baby Journey with PCOS - Advice

After having it confirmed that Baby H was indeed on the way, I signed up with Baby Center so I could get info about each week and other things. One of the parts of Baby Center is that you are connected to forums where women talk about different things that happen during pregnancy, or they want help with names, etc.

I came upon one where this girl was ranting about how she was tired of people giving her "unwanted" advice about pregnancy, parenting, etc. She was so offended and mad that everyone was giving her advice. I have to say though I really wanted to comment and say

"Have you really never given your opinion or advice to someone on some subject even when they didn't ask for it?"

Everyone has opinions and everyone loves giving advice. It is human nature and should not surprise or make you mad. Just because someone gives you their opinion does not mean you have to follow it. They are not holding a gun up to your head and saying "You absolutely have to have follow my advice".

I have given advice everywhere about everything, even motherhood (which I have yet to experience)' but that doesn't mean I expect everyone to whom I give advice to actually follow it. Even when I feel like my advice is very sound advice I do not expect it.

I have already had many opinions and pieces of advice given to me since we announced our miracle, but I have not let any of it bother me. I just take it, glean what I want from it, and discard the rest. Besides you never know when you may learn something that you can actually use!


Amanda said...

AMEN! I'm getting "advice" and while yes, it gets annoying, I just let it roll.

Videogal said...

very wise. It will definitely continue well after the baby is born, I assure you. But, like you said, take what you want and discard the rest. Some advice that comes is actually helpful. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

so glad to see that advice does not bother you--nice steady way to live--now let me tell you what you need to
love ya lots

p.s.--i have always found that reverse physiology works best with you :)