Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Baby Journey with PCOS: Symptoms


I have been very fortunate that I really did not have a bad go the first trimester. My main symptoms were fatigue, nausea, and every once in awhile a headache or backache. I must amend and say that I now understand why pregnant women want to complain about their ailments, but I am trying my best to make sure I do not whine or complain too much or to the wrong person! I try to focus on the good that will come from the symptoms and during the weeks when I am not going to the doctor I see the symptoms as my sign the baby is still there and doing fine!

This week I start my second trimester. This from what I have heard is called the Happy Trimester because you usually start feeling more energetic, morning sickness fades and you get to feel the baby move. I am not sure my body realizes yet that we have reached this point. I have been sick as a dog this weekend!

Heartburn has now been added to the list of symptoms. Before this weekend if you had told me "you are going to have heartburn" I would have thought no big deal! That is because I have never really experienced true heartburn!

My entire upper body ached, my teeth hurt, my arms hurt just to lift them, my back hurt, my chest burned like it was on fire. It got so bad, I threw up two times because my body needed to relieve the pressure in my stomach and esophagus! I finally sent Sexy Husband out at 2 a.m. to get some heavy duty heartburn medicine because the two types I had here at home did not even make a dent in the pain.

I finally got some sleep last night and have been "recovering" all day today. I know I am dehydrated but am scared to put too much in my still sore stomach. I have eaten half a baked potato and three frozen pancakes (the small ones) today. I took some tylenol to ease a headache, as well as my allergy meds, and am praying they stay down there!

I now have a true sympathy for those people out there who suffer from heartburn daily and are not pregnant! I hope this post did not sound too whiney. It was a horrible experience but I know I will have something wonderful to show for it in 6 months!

Needless to say, I will be calling my Dr. first thing in the morning!

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Anonymous said...

ah- how wonderful to be having "baby" systoms----i am so glad you are at least having some so that you will rememeber it later and talk about it-lol
love ya lots