Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Baby Journey with PCOS: Sexy Husband needs to be a giraffe!

The week after Christmas, I went to the zoo with Sexy Husband's family. Now I love the zoo and will take any excuse to go so I was excited to be there plus the weather was absolutely gorgeous to be December.

As we neared one of my favorite animals, the giraffe, I noticed that one was following another around in a circle. The behind giraffe was being quite obnoxious with his continuous following and then it dawned on me what was going on in this area of the zoo!

Miss Giraffe was in heat and Mr. Giraffe was hoping to see some action! Now any other time I probably would have giggled like a schoolchild and moved on but since I am officially a TTCer then I had a whole new perspective on the activities before me.

I stared on in fascination wondering what exactly went on besides the basics in the making of a baby giraffe. Now all this time, before you think I am a big pervert for staring, Mr. Giraffe was still "chasing" (walking) Miss Giraffe around in a circle, every once in a while she would stop and he would think he had the green light then she would walk off again. Talk about a tease! Poor Mr. Giraffe!

Luckily for me, there was one of the main giraffe keepers sitting right there! I struck up a conversation about how it all went down and if they were hoping for the two to actually mate. Oh did I learn a myriad of information.
  • Miss Giraffe ovulates every 14 days but only for one day
  • Mr. Giraffe has to woo her to get her to even be still long enough for him to see action
  • BUT Mr. Giraffe only has to make it in ONE time (tried to put this delicately) and it is almost 100% positive Miss Giraffe will get pregnant!

ONE time and he is DONE?

As a woman I feel sorry for Miss Giraffe because she doesn't get much fun time but as a TTCer I feel jealous that it happens so quickly and at a pretty fail-proof rate!

Oh Miss Giraffe, you big tease, if only you knew how easy you had it!

Until next time...


Joe Sack said...

He's certainly tall and hairy. ;)

Leslie said...

what is ttc?