Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two Week Challenge: Being Diabetic

So I have decided to start a new challenge. I like to try new things for different reasons. I joke that I have A.D.D. and need to change things up for that but also because I like to gain a new perspective from trying different things.

So this new challenge will be being diabetic for two weeks.

I have an aunt that recently found out she is diabetic so I recently sat with her and discussed what she does and have also researched on the internet to decide how I would approach this challenge.

I will count my carbs, allowing 45 carbs for each meal and 15 extra for snacks which is 150 total for the day. I will completely cut out pasta and rice which will be the hardest part of the challenge to me because I eat like an Italian most of the time!

So starting in the morning I will be "diabetic" and we shall see how the next two weeks go!

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