Monday, January 10, 2011

Ending the Vegetarian with a plus...

So today ends my week as a vegetarian. My weekend was spent relaxing and it was actually quite easy to be vegetarian. My husband was sick so I got Italian to go on Friday night, vegetarian baked ziti, which we had for dinner that night and lunch on Saturday.

Sunday was waffles and popcorn, but not at the same time!

Today the ice has kept us home so I made sweet and sour chicken for lunch, ohh meat how I have missed thee! I now appreciate what it takes to be vegetarian. It is not easy to do full time which makes me glad I am definitely a carnivore! So bring on the meat!

Some super news is that me weigh in day was today and I have lost five pounds! Yay to weight watchers!

I am trying to decide what my next challenge will be, I need something on which to focus and also something for blog material ha ha!

Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

how about i cleaned my mama's whole house in a day :)