Friday, January 7, 2011

Smooth Sailing Vegetarian least

So today was not hard at all in the vegetarian category, though in the weight watchers area I did struggle a teeny bit. Mood shifts were the cause of havoc in my desire to eat not so great for me foods.

Putting on freshly washed jeans did not help in the mood, moreso caused much fussing, door slamming and tears before the Sexy Husband's clothes closet was raided for a shirt that fit. Muffin tops are not pretty in fitted shirts!

I did resist bad for me foods for most of the day and ended up getting that vegetarian chili from a different McAlisters tonight! It was actually really good to not have meat in it.

All in all I managed to eat within my point limit.

I did not exercise but I shall not beat myself up about it and just accomplish it tomorrow!

It is mucho late so I am off to bed!

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