Thursday, January 6, 2011

Distraction and Disappointment

So after doing kinect and yoga last night I crashed before being able to post about day three as a vegetarian.

I work part time as a bookkeeper now after "retiring" from accounting. It was quite easy yesterday because I worked 8 - 4 to not think about meat. I planned the night before to take a oatmeal, cherries, popcorn and a lean cuisine cheese pizza for the meals and snacks at work. The distraction of work made it easy to be vegetarian.

We were meeting friends at the local mall for dinner so I did my homework on what I could eat that would be vegetarian and stay within the points I had left on my weight watchers. I had it mapped out where and what I was going to eat. Perfect, right? Not so much! When we got to the food court I went straight to McAlisters and ordered the vegetarian chili in a bread bowl....which they did not carry at that particular location.

WHAT? I gaped at the woman and slowly turned around to survey the other places to eat, Chinese Cow, Chick Fil A, and Charlie Carnivore. How do vegetarians eat out? My carefully made plans had been undermined by a carnivorous society! I stumbled and struggled for a minute, how could I eat? Would I shrivel away to naught right there in the food court?

Well ok no but it did cause a dilemma that took me another 20 minutes to decide what and where to eat. Luckily the Sbarros had meatless spaghetti sauce, so it was a small cup of spaghetti, a salad, and a breadstick for dinner.

Take that you carnivorous society! I won again! You just thought you could make me fail by snatching my plans and offering only meat choices. I shall prevail!

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Anonymous said...

big ole steak, yummy fried chicken, beef pot roast--just saying--LOL