Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Taunting, Tasty Tenderloin

I am pretty sure I did not know before today that meat could taunt. Indeed though it is far beyond capable of taunting. It has mastered taunting! I have been taunted all day by signs, commercials, and aisles in the grocery.

The meat called out to me in the grocery store, siren song of tantalizing steaks and chicken. Even the frozen lunches like lean cuisine and smart ones were 95% carnivorous in their making.

But alas I have persevered!

Here was the menu I accomplished today:

Oatmeal for breakfast
Special K bar for snack
Vegetarian burrito for lunch
Corn, Broccoli, Vegetarian baked beans, and sweet potato for dinner

I even cooked my husband some chicken strips so he wouldn't starve :)

So I thumb my nose at the taunting meat and head to bed ready for day two of being vegetarian!

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