Monday, January 3, 2011

Crushing the Carnivore

Cow, Chicken, Fish, Mary's little lamb....I love meat. I am not sure I have gone an entire day in decades without eating some form of meat. Carnivore should be one of my middles names which is why this challenge I am presenting myself is quite interesting.

I am going vegetarian for one week. 7 days sans meat.

Why, you ask?

I am a masochist? I like self inflicted torture? I have completely gone off the deep end? It sounded like a good idea?

Really I have no idea, I just like challenging myself to do different things, and this for very different!

For a brief insane second I considered vegan but my entire being rejected that thought because if carnivore should be one of my middle names, Cheese should be too!

So I am going to start in the morning on my quest to be a vegetarian for one week. Tuesday January 4th, 2011 - Monday January 10th, 2011. I will end at my friend's birthday party and hopefully consume some form of cow or chicken with great relish...or the vegetarian thing may stick, who knows?

We will see!

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Anonymous said...

not my child--could not do without my meat :)