Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day One and Two of Being Diabetic

I was so wiped out yesterday by the time I had time to sit still and blog that I just climbed in bed, buried in the covers and regained consciousness this morning. I actually managed to get some exercise yesterday which is a huge plus and will be jumping on the treadmill as soon as this is written.

Being diabetic so far has not been too bad. Luckily I have not had pasta cravings yet though some of the leftover Christmas candy taunted me until I banished it to my husband's office area where I cannot see it.

Here is my menu for today and yesterday: (My daily allowance is 150 carbs)
Breakfast - FiberOne bar 20 carbs
Creamer (in coffee) 15 carbs
Lunch - 8 piece nugget Chick Fil A 11 carbs
Fruit cup Chick Fil A 15 carbs
Dinner - Chick Fil A sandwhich on wheat 36 carbs
Fruit cup Chick Fil A 15 carbs
Snacks - Yoplait yogurt 16 carbs
WW Cookie 14 carbs
Total Monday Carbs - 142

Breakfast - Egg Sandwich 20 carbs
Creamer (in coffee) 15 carbs
Lunch - Broccoli Cheddar Soup 13 carbs
McAlisters Chef Salad 14 carbs (these were both pick two size)
Dinner - Zaxbys House Salad with grilled chicken 25 carbs
Snacks - Popcorn 16 carbs
Trail Mix (1/4 cup) 16 carbs
Total Tuesday Carbs - 119

It has been very interesting to see the difference between "counting carbs" and the "point tracker" on Weight Watchers. I actually have gone over my point allotment both days for WW but have been under both days for carbs. I am very interested to see what the difference in my weight and measurements will be at the end of this two week challenge.

I do not see that being over my points by counting carbs will really make a bad change because if anything I am staying away from sugar, pasta, and rice. Also my bread intake is limited. I have found counting carbs easier, but will it really help as much as sticking to my points perfectly did? Or will the two combined cause better effects? Only time will tell.

For now it is off to the treadmill!

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