Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby or not to Baby: That is the Question!

So tonight I seem to be in one of my thinking moods which is sometimes dangerous but I have been contemplating on whether Sexy Husband and I should really try to procreate or not.

Disclaimer: It is not due to any certain child that I know that I am writing this post!

There I said that so I can keep writing without anyone's feathers being ruffled. We have had many friends and family have babies recently so I have gone through the "itch" as well known from posts on here. Also I have been able to keep these children from time to time and I have noticed that I see them through different eyes than I did when I was a single person babysitting.

To give a bit of background, I have been babysitting or working with children in some fashion since I was 11 yrs old. I have loved children since I was still a child myself. I have always wanted children, even saying crazy things like "I want twins".


The one thing is that I give them back. Always. When you are a babysitter that is what you do, you give them back. I do not have to keep them 24/7. I get to play and then go home, to my quiet, baby-free house.

Which brings me to the present and how I am seeing them through different eyes. I have started thinking when keeping a child "What if this was mine?" "What if I could not give it back?" "What if I was responsible for this little one?" I can barely take care of myself what makes me think I can take care of someone completely dependent on me for the few years of their life?

Which leads into thoughts like "What are the true pros and cons of having a child?" Let me put them out here for consideration:

Pros for having children
Smiles and Giggles
Hugs and I love yous
Possible future nursing home chooser

Cons for having children
No sleep/ sleeping in/ staying up late for fun
No spontaneous trips, classes, shopping sprees, etc
No money
Throw up
Whining/ Crying/ Screaming/ etc
No "us" time for the parents
school age hits and "know it alls" take over cute toddler
teenager years (enough said)

I could keep going but the con list is already overwhelming our pathetic pro list.

Sure all those with children out there will say "It is the best thing that ever happened to me!" Well, of course, they are going to say that, they have to say that, they are stuck! Not that I am saying they are lying but that they have no choice but to say it. I mean a child is a permanent choice. There is no refund!

I really do wonder how I am even here when I think how logical The Mom can be about life. How are any of us here? (except the "oops babies") Any logical thinking adult can look at the situation and see the insanity of becoming a parent!

So I am left to wonder how do you overlook all the sane reasons to not have a child and take the plunge?

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Carley said...

OK so I have to post on this! It is the best thing that happened to me and the worst! If any mom is honest with you I mean really honest there are definitely days I want to throw them in a daycare and leave them. I say this because I am a stay at home mom the ABSOLUTE HARDEST JOB ever!!!!! I love my boys they were a gift from God! Neither were planned but there are no mistakes in His eyes! There are more pros than you have listed here like the days they make you laugh so hard tears roll down your face or the way they look at you and you fall in love even more with them. Every mom needs a break every mom gets burned out but I PROMISE you and I do not have to say this that it is well worth it! The no sleep ends quickly and you laugh at how worried you were about this! The no trips thing will pass as they get older I earned an entire degree while I had Coleton and Chris was a full time student as well. No family here just us! Throw up rarely happens especially if they are not in daycare. Diapers I mean come on we have been playing mommy since we were 7! There is plenty of us time for you guys hence came Cash unexpectedly! So I think you should pray about it and think more about the pros! I hope this helped!