Monday, August 2, 2010


So I just finished the first show in three years. It has been since March 2007 since I participated in theatre and it was very nice to get back. I could not have asked for a better show or cast either! I have many new friends now because of this experience. The show was Oliver, the musical of Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist.

I played three roles in this show:Strawberry Seller


And my favorite part
Old Sally

Old Sally was my favorite part because I had a death scene. For once my asthmatic lungs came in handy because I could produce a cough that made everyone in the place think they were going to catch T.B. Though I have to say I did have fun playing the barmaid as well :)

I will be stage managing a show next, Agatha Christie's The Ten Little Indians. That starts tomorrow night.

Well I am tired or I would write more so until next time.....

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