Sunday, July 18, 2010

Until We Meet Again....

Cucumbers smothered in ranch dressing
Crotchet needles and yarn
T.V. trays turned into tables for "restaurant"
Raking the leaves in the yard

Delicious dressing on Thanksgiving Day
Wonderful talks about nothing
Playing Uno and Skip-Bo for hours on end
Counting the humming birds coming

Early morning coffee with mom before school
Feeding Miss Priss and Ole Ugly
Stained glass figures hung in the window
Sharing Christmases so lovely

Watching Wheel of Fortune and getting it right
Sitting in the chair doing crosswords
Finding pecans in the driveway for pies
Staying on the right to be heard.

Watching me marry the man of my dreams
Getting you to tell your love story
Cracker Barrel lunches after hairs have been curled
Rushing to the hospital with worry

Stroking gray hair while kissing the brow
Struggling breaths being taken
Tears stinging eyes that try not to shed them
Loving words tenderly given

Rest my sweet Grammy in that peaceful sleep
Wake in the arms of our Savior
Greet all your loved ones who went on ahead
Forget all the tears, pain and worry

And though you will be missed with a throat aching pain
Your new life is now to begin
And since I cannot ask for you to return
I must wait until we meet again.

R.I.P. Grammy
April 26, 1921 - July 18, 2010
Mother to 3
Grandmother to 8
Great Grandmother to 9


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to your grandmother. Reminded me so much of my sweet Grammy who I lost last year.


lime said...

i'm so sorry for your loss but glad you do not grieve without hope. may your heart have the comfort it needs.