Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Driving.....me insane!!

For the most part I am a pretty amiable person. People generally like me and I really like people.

Except when I am driving.

My evil driving personality, Roadine Rageena, appears, invisible horns grow out of my head, and that amiable nature flies out the window! In Roadine's world everybody is STUPID and CANNOT DRIVE!!!!

Take today for example, two "wide load" trucks decided to block up a major highway in town during 5 o'clock traffic. Roadine asks "What the *PG edit* were they thinking?" Really? 5 o'clock traffic? Major highway? HELLO MORONS!!!

The blood pressure rises very quickly after being in the car for mere minutes. Lexapro Smexapro when Roadine is behind the wheel because nothing helps! Roadine curses like a sailor! The Dad was in the car once when Roadine appeared and the former military man was impressed at the words used to describe other drivers while at the same time trying to be disapproving of such language.

Lexus' drivers are Roadine's top enemy because they act like just because they drive an overpriced Toyota that they own the road.
Grandma/Grandpa drivers that should have had their license taken away by family members years ago are number two on the list.
Third are the "Ms. I am putting on my make-up, talking to my BFF, and looking for gum all while driving woman" This third one inspires a loud "Get your lazy *PG edit* up five minutes earlier and put the *PG edit* make-up on at home, hang up the *PG edit* phone and drive you *PG edit* woman!"

It really is stressful and sometimes scary when Roadine appears but oddly once I exit the vehicle, she disappears.

Imagine that.

Until Next Time....

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Anonymous said...

when i get over there i will work on that language !