Thursday, September 24, 2009

October is around the corner....

So October is almost here and you know what that means....Halloween!

I have already begun planning my second annual Halloween party. I already have many of my decorations, re-using some from last year and obtaining new ones. The earlier the better because it is better pickings.

The big question for now though is...What will be my costume?!?

Last year I was a pirate and Sexy Husband was my "treasure". I am having a hard time deciding what to be this year. I love to dress up in costumes and since I do not do as much acting anymore, Halloween is prime opportunity. The problem is there are so many options!!

Any suggestions?

I will update when I figure it out!

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

If you want to get some ideas, head to the Halloween store on 31 in Hoover. They have a ton of costumes in stock and I know you will get some great ideas.

We are looking forward to your party. You definitely still need to check out Michaels. I bought a really cool black tree with small black bats on it that holds 4 candles (orange glass that hangs off the tree).

Let me know what I can bring.