Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boot Camp

I having been slowly...and I mean slowly getting healthier this summer. I was doing well at the beginning of the summer with exercising and such but it has definitely slacked off lately. I have good intentions at work to come home and exercise but you know the saying about good intentions. I get home and I crash, I have no energy or desire to exercise, plus with my couch or bed calling my name of course they are going to win!

My friend told me about a month long class called boot camp that is offered here in my city. I looked into it and decided to sign up for one of the classes. I actually am very excited to get my butt kicked...I know I am weird. I have really wanted to get healthier though and I think this will help give a recharge to me :)

Boot Camp - here is the link if you are a local and interested in taking the class!

I am looking forward to the results and hoping that I will enjoy the class despite the butt kicking!

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