Monday, May 4, 2009

The Deck The Dad Built...

As mentioned in previous posts, The Dad came over and spent two weeks at my house helping build us a deck in the back yard. We have a great backyard area and had plenty of room to add a deck. I love to entertain so am excited about this extension of entertaining area.

Our carport is behind the house and had a unsightly wall that dropped down into the yard. It used to have some sort of flower bed beneath it but the former owner had let it go wild. So we decided to just extend the deck out from the carport. Here is the empty spot where we began:

It took a lot of hard work, a lot of lumber, concrete and a nice chunk of change to build but it was worth it. We chuckled how we should have put a sign up that said "Construction funded by Sexy Husband" because he did not get to help much because he had to work, but he did fund it all!

It still has some cosmetic things that needed to be done but here is the finished product:
There are tons of pictures I could show you but I thought I would just give the basic idea. Here is a shot of the three patterns that differentiate the two levels and the step:

We have already debuted it this last Saturday by grilling out with friends. It is going to be great!

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