Friday, April 17, 2009

My Father: My Hero

The Dad is a great carpenter and handy-man so when Sexy Husband and I decided to put a deck in the backyard I called him.

He came up this Sunday on Easter and what an adventure it was to get him here. His truck broke down about 50 miles from our house and we spent Easter afternoon and most of Monday getting him and his things, towing and fixing his truck and fighting the weather.

My main reason for this post is to say how much my father is my hero. I don't tell him enough though I have told him, but he really is the perfect example of a man for me. I definitely credit his example for why I was so blessed to wait until Sexy Husband came along and fit the example.

It is not just his handy-man work that makes him my hero, but another example I saw yesterday reminded me. We had been toughing it through many years worth of growth of wisteria and vines, cutting, hacking, pulling, cursing, and getting it down so we can see our fence. He got cracked in the lip and had a fat lip but was still working. He is ex-military and is going to get things done when he has his mind set on it.

I took a break and called The Mom. She told me that, sadly, their bluebird house had been smashed down when a neighbor's tree was cut. They had put the house up and were excited when 5 little eggs appeared. I had to go out and relay the sad news. My dad, Mr. Military working with a busted lip on vines in the sun tough man, got so upset that those 5 eggs had been smashed. I think he teared up but he walked away from me because in my family when we are upset we pace.

I teared up and I didn't even see the eggs! I also teared up because here before me was a man who is tough as nails when he needs to be but doesn't feel "unmanly" to show a softer side for things like bird eggs.

He loves his Creator, his family and his country. To me that is the epitome of a man and in my biased opinion, we need a few more good men like him.

Until next time....


Anonymous said...

yes that is exactly why i married him 38 years ago
love ya lots

lime said...

you're a fortunate girl to have such a daddy