Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I hate hospitals.

That is a fact I must state.

I love my grandmother.

Which is why I found myself sitting in a hospital for hours today. My Grammy was placed in the hospital on Monday night. I won't go into full details of her problems but needless to say she will be in there another day or two.

Due to jobs and such, today was my day to sit with her. Now I guess I do not technically have a favorite grandmother but this one is The Mom's mom and we all three have the same personality so I get along grand with her.

After just a few hours, I found myself hoping I die in my sleep one night without any long visits in the hospital. As a Christ follower, I do not ponder death much in a solemn fashion or such because to me death is a beginning, a bittersweet but beautiful thing. I know when I die I get to be with Jesus.

Though even with that knowledge I still found myself pondering hospital visits while sitting there with Grammy. I hope the only time in the next few years that I find myself the patient is in the maternity ward.

My thought pattern has ended because I am tired so until next time....

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lime said...

i'm sorry to hear about your grammy. your presence in spite of hating hospitals is significant though and if she is alert i have no doubt it meant a great deal to her.