Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stops Signs and Road Rage

It has been over a decade since I took the driver's test but I know they teach about stops sign etiquette. It seems though that no one knows how or when they are supposed to go at a four way stop.

I am not completely excluding myself from this but too many driver's these days are doing everything but driving! They are texting, talking, makeup, reading, staring into space, arguing, or doing equations in their heads but they are not driving! They do not pay attention!

Despite my rants on here I promise I am a pretty fun person. I love people and have a good time with life. Cup half full type of gal, but when I get behind the steering wheel I become a completely different person because I have road rage!

People act as if the rules of the road do not apply to them. They are the only ones on the road and be *PG rating edit* to anyone who gets in their way! No wonder people have road rage. I am thinking support groups need to spring up everywhere for Road Ragers Anonymous!

I can see it:

My name is Imp and I have road rage.
I called five people *PG rating edit* , made two rude hand gestures, and honked my horn eight times today.

Perhaps I need to go back and re-take the driver's test because it has to be completely different now.

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